Single Source Logistics & Fulfillment

JCB Packaging LLC offers Single Source Logistics and Fulfillment Services to a variety of customers with varied products from packaged food products to pharmaceuticals to solar products to high value electronics in the United States and Canada.

  • Inbound and Outbound Transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Materials Handling
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Inventory Management
  • WMS
  • Storage
  • Final Mile Services
Outside view  of trucks at loading bays at JCB Packaging and Logistics Bybee location


JCB Packaging can receive your inbound shipment via many different transportation modes varying from Overseas containers to Truckload to Common Carriers (LTL) to small parcel carriers. Each shipment will be offloaded by our trained and dedicated team by hand, pallet jacks or forklifts.

Once received in our warehouse the freight will be staged for either crossdocking or storage.


If the shipment is to be processed as a cross dock shipment, our warehouseman will check off the shipment according to the provided pack list or BOL to ensure accuracy and then staged in the appropriate warehouse location until released for outbound transportation.

Storage & Warehousing

If the inbound shipment is be processed for storage, our warehouseman will check off the shipment according to the provided pack list or BOL to ensure accuracy, then processed through our WMS system and moved to a designated floor or rack location depending on the type of freight.

Our WMS system is a real time web-based system in which each customer can be allowed access to view their inventory. This ensures visibility and accuracy for our customers. Our WMS system is based on designated floor and rack locations and when an inbound shipment is received the freight is assigned a designated bar code(s). When the shipment is moved to a designated floor or rack location the bar code(s) are scanned to that floor or rack location.

When the shipment is ordered out by the customer, our warehouseman pulls up the customer in the WMS, locates the freight based on the assigned designated warehouse location and moved to a staging area for outbound shipping. Once the outbound carrier arrives to pick up the shipment, the freight is scanned out of the WMS system and loaded on the outbound carrier.
Person doing order fulfillment in warehouse

Order Fullfillment

Other warehousing services JCB Packaging provides are materials handling such as pick and pack and order fulfillment. Based on the inventory a customer has in storage, we can take that product and custom build orders based on each customers specification. This may include preparing individual boxes for shipping, building pallets with multiple products, or building pallets of same type of product. This may involve breaking down the received packaged configuration and creating a new packaged configuration.

For example, we pull a designated product such as a box containing multiple products and repackage into individual units for out bound shipping or reconfiguring a mixture of products on a pallet for outbound shipping to meet the needs for the end customer. JCB Packaging also can custom design your inbound or outbound packaging from custom corrugated boxes to specially designed wooden crates.

Final Mile

We also can offer a solution for Final Mile services depending on the customers needs as well as dedicated services in the PNW whether that is moving with our own drivers and fleet of equipment ranging from 4×4 one-ton’s, straight trucks with liftgates to flatbeds to 53’ trailers or helping to arrange for transportation through our valued partners.