InfinityCore is a #1 recyclable, curbside-friendly thermal liner and cushioning product.  InfinityCore is made from recycled water bottles and is replacing polystyrene and other harmful cooler-related products.

Cardboard box lined with InfinityCore

With different densities, we can meet all food and pharmaceutical performance and product protection requirements. InfinityCore is recognized within the recycling systems at the largest waste and recycling companies and is a got-to-have in the Pharmaceutical, Specialty Food, Cold Ship/Meal-Kit and confectionery industries.

  • Curbside recyclable
  • Liners made from 100% recycled materials
  • Made from recycled plastic bottles (PET fiber)
  • Up to 72 hour thermal performance
  • Reduce freight costs
  • Keep product from spoiling
  • Replaces eps (styrofoam) coolers
  • Ships flat and reduces floor space for inventory
  • Improved customer experience

Don’t Fall For Cheap Knockoffs

Composite image showing a comparison between InfinityCore and Renew

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